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Should you see a divorce therapist?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2022 | Divorce & Separation |

If you have decided your marriage has become unsavable, proceeding with a divorce may be a good idea. After all, staying in an unfulfilling or abusive marriage is likely to take an extreme toll on your mental well-being. Divorce is not likely to be easy on your psyche either, of course.

According to Psychology Today, feelings of sadness, anger, depression and anxiety can intensify during a divorce. If you are already struggling with your mental health, seeing a divorce therapist may help you emerge in a better place psychologically.

What do divorce therapists do?

You can trust your divorce therapist to be a licensed clinical counselor. These professionals specialize in assisting divorcing individuals with moving on with their lives. Your therapist may recommend stress-relief strategies, help you talk through your problems or even refer you for additional help.

How can a therapist help?

If you were in a bad marriage, you simply may not be able to recover emotionally without some assistance. Remember, divorce can happen to anyone, and your divorce does not make you weak or a failure.

By discussing your divorce-related issues with someone who knows how to help, you may develop the tools you need both to cope with the end of your marriage and to begin the next chapter of your life.

If you are worrying about the expense that often comes with mental health counseling, you should consider discussing your concerns with your divorce attorney. Ultimately, you may be able to negotiate a divorce settlement that gives you the financial resources you need to pay for ongoing therapy.