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Skilled Legal Guidance In Breach Of Contract Cases

In business, contracts play a role in every key relationship and transaction. Contracts protect all parties and ensure that obligations are fulfilled. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out like this in practice, and contracts can be breached.

The experienced team of attorneys at Evenson Decker, P.A., navigates Minnesota contract disputes and other legal concerns impacting businesses on a daily basis. We understand how damaging contract breaches can be, and we have been helping clients in St. Cloud and the surrounding areas for more than 50 years.

Defining A Breach Of Contract

For a breach of contract to occur, the initial agreement must have been legally valid. The presence of a valid contract relies on the following elements:

  1. There must have been an offer. For example, a supplier may have offered you the delivery of certain goods for an agreed price.
  2. The offer must have been accepted. The signing of a contract usually indicates acceptance.
  3. There must be consideration. In other words, something of value must be exchanged between the two parties. For instance, money in exchange for the delivery of goods.
  4. There must be an intention to create a legal relationship. The more formal an agreement, the more likely that there was valid intention.

A breach of contract occurs when one party fails to fulfill their obligations. Your breach of contract attorney will evaluate your case based on its own merits and help you understand any strengths or weaknesses in your position.

Breaches of contracts in Minnesota are subject to the statute of limitations that allows plaintiffs up to six years from the initial breach to bring a claim. So even if a breach occurred years ago and you never took legal action, there may still be time to file a claim.

Start Your Breach Of Contract Claim Today

There are several legal remedies available for breach of contract claims, which include compensatory damages so that you can recover your losses. In other cases, you may be able to force the defendant to complete their end of the deal or seek to end your own contractual obligations.

While there is a lengthy statute of limitations for these cases, the faster you act, the better. At Evenson Decker, P.A., we’ll help you get started on your claim today. Contact us on 320-301-1025 or via an online message to arrange a consultation.