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Uncovering Hidden Assets During Divorce In St. Cloud

Minnesota mandates spouses to disclose their assets fully during divorce proceedings. Nevertheless, your spouse may endeavor to hide assets to avoid a fair distribution. If you suspect your spouse is concealing assets, it is worth taking legal measures with the help of an experienced attorney to ensure an equitable division of property.

At Evenson Decker, P.A., we have over 30 years of legal experience and offer personalized legal services in family law. Our skilled divorce attorneys in St. Cloud specialize in uncovering hidden assets in divorce cases for our Minnesota clients and can ensure your assets are located, categorized, inventoried and fairly divided.

Common Assets Hidden In Divorce

Concealment tactics may involve stashing assets offshore, transferring property to third parties or deliberately undervaluing assets. Some potential hidden assets include:

  • Trusts and offshore accounts
  • Rental properties
  • Vacation homes and undeveloped land
  • 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs and other retirement accounts
  • Stock options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs) and Performance Stock Awards
  • Delayed bonuses and other deferred income
  • Brokerage and investment accounts
  • Hidden cash and fictitious loans or debts
  • Cryptocurrency and digital assets

A seasoned hidden assets attorney can effectively uncover hidden assets and attain a just resolution.

We Can Help You Identify Hidden Assets In St.Cloud

To identify hidden assets, our experienced hidden assets attorneys can:

  • Review financial documents provided by your spouse
  • Speak to your spouse’s acquaintances for potential insights
  • Outsource a private investigator
  • Utilize asset tracking software and search public records

With our legal services, we can uncover even the most unseen financial secrets.

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The reality is that most people are not as clever as they think when they try to hide assets in a divorce. You can fight back, and the right St. Cloud hidden asset lawyer can show you how to do it. Call 320-301-1025 or fill out the online contact form to discover how our attorneys can help you achieve favorable outcomes in a Minnesota lawsuit.