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What do you know about surviving a business merger?

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2022 | Business Law |

You know you could take your business to the next level by merging with another company, but you cannot help but feel a bit uneasy about your first merger. How do you put your concerns to rest?

Chron provides tips for making it through a business merger intact. Understand how to make the most of unifying companies, cultures and goals.

Touch on cultural challenges

Even though you may operate in the same industry as the entity you merge with, the two of you could have vastly different company cultures. Discuss where your cultures overlap and where they diverge, so you may address potential “culture shock” before it takes a toll on your new enterprise’s success. A few recalibrations could be all you need to get on the same page.

Solidify roles

Let your employees know how their roles change and how they stay the same after the merger. Leaving workers to their own assumptions could mean they experience frustration at not knowing where they fit in, whom to report to and what their new roles entail. Try to create job descriptions as quickly as possible, so your workforce has plenty of time to adjust and ready themselves before the merger.

Enlist help from tech professionals

If your two companies use different technology, equipment and procedures you may need to bring in a tech professional to help everyone learn the ropes. While building representative work teams, create protocols that help address challenges using the industry’s most favorable practices.

The right merger may help you realize and reach your full business potential. The right tips help smooth out bumps along the road and address common challenges.